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Please note: I only started this private practice full-time a year ago and I have a limited number of testimonials as I was not planning to have a testimonial page.  This was recently suggested to me so I have started gathering them. This page is very much a work in progress.

"You are my favourite psychologist ever!  I never lasted this long with a psychologist before." 14 year old

"Susy's warm, attuned and empathetic approach allows her to apply her incredible wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to her work with children.  With her engaged in approachable demeanour, Susy quickly connect with my children, even my autistic son, who often struggles with meeting new people.  In their sessions with Susy, my daughter and son felt accepted, validated and supported, and this enabled them to learn new tools for dealing with the challenges.  And as a family, we are grateful to have been able to work with her." Mother of 13 and 15 year old.

"Susy is such a lovely person who truly cares for her patients, she goes above and beyond in her practice to make sure her clients feel comfortable and genuinely has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I've met.  I trust her completely; she has helped me more than anything I ever expected and I truly, from the bottom of my soul thank her for that.  Thank you Susy for everything you have done for me, you are truly the best!" 17 year old

"I immediately felt at ease with Susy.  I look forward to each session and for some reason it never feels daunting to visit and offload" Male individual therapy client, age 52

"Your support in the sessions has been brilliant thank you". Mother of a 10 year old

“I’m so grateful for your input…which has helped immensely in my confidence in myself…Thanks so much Susy, you’re a real treasure”  Mother of a 9 year old 

"It is easy to recommend Susy, here is why: She took the time to understand me as a person, along with my needs and as a result meaningfully tailored her style, making for an effective approach to therapy.  Susy has been a great help with enabling me to process the long-standing trauma from my youth and as a result I'm enjoying a better quality of and happier life.  Sidenote, this stuff can be frightening and uncomfortable; Susy has shown a great level of empathy with me, gently guiding the process to ensure the pace is right. I have altered the pace of my therapy based on my current circumstances and resilience levels which I highly appreciate." Individual therapy client, age 38

"Susy was the right person for you" (mother to daughter)..."You're awesome" (daughter) 11 year old

"It has been an incredibly helpful experience.  I am not the person who walked through the door, more myself.  Anxiety levels are better even not having had a great day.  I can manage before would be helpless to help myself" Individual therapy client, age 62

"Honestly I think you are a magician... I'm noticing more changes and my parents are too." Individual therapy client, age 15

"Thanks for the very positive assessment last Wednesday. They came away chatting very happily about it all." - Parent of ADHD Assessment client, age 9

"Thanks for being a wonderful supervisor!" supervisee


"I would not want any other supervisor or you to be any different, you are the best." supervisee

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