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Issues I can help with

Depression or Low Mood

Low Self-Esteem



Panic attacks


Grief or Loss


Emotional intensity

Challenging/difficult behaviour

Anger or Aggression


Gender or sexuality concerns

Eating Disorders

Relationship issues

Parenting issues

Oppositional behaviour

School difficulties

Achievement issues

Diagnosed/suspected ADHD** 

Diagnosed/suspected Autism Spectrum Condition***

*with significant self-harm/ suicidality (when the individual is at risk of seriously harming themselves) generally a multi-disciplinary team is necessary.  As a sole practitioner, this work is likely not appropriate.  It is best to contact your GP for a referral to your local NHS Mental Health Service.

**I can assess for ADHD but note I do not provide medication.

***Two clinicians are recommended by NICE guidelines to provide the most valid diagnosis.  At present I will not be conducting these assessments at least until the new year.   

Issues I can help with: About Me
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